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Full-Time Schedules
Fun Events

Referral Bonus

The Perks

Incentives + Bonus
Competitive Pay

Paid Time Off

Many of our positions have bonus and incentive plans.  

12+ months of contact center experience

Holidays and vacations are paid. Relax, you’ve earned it.  

Rest easy knowing you’ll get a full-time work week.  

On-site fun events. Who says work can’t be fun?  Annual sports fest. Esports. Family Day and Community Day! 

Get paid (extra) to work with your friends. 

Our Experience

"We follow a servant leadership approach and put the interest of our employees first. We understand the importance of having happy employees and we do our best to keep them happy, engaged, and motivated on a daily basis."

KHALID,  Quezon City, Philippines 

"Afni focuses on the development of their employees. They give you tasks that help you find your hidden talent and hone your existing skills, making you a better person each day."  

ROBERT,  Quezon City, Philippines 

"Regardless of your tenure in BPO, Afni provides the best avenue for anyone to be fully developed to their utmost potential. I started as an agent here, and my success story can be yours, too!"  

SALLY,  Quezon City, Philippines 

"It’s rare to find a company that truly values its employees and more so that they provide ample opportunities for growth. Afni has this, along with a super fun culture where employees treat each other as family." 

EVE,  Quezon City, Philippines 

"What I like most about Afni is I get to do what I love and learn new things as I grow together with the company. " 

Ana,  Quezon City, Philippines 

At Afni there are never ending opportunities! We want you to grow as a professional and a person.


Locations Philippines

Commonwealth Avenue One Felicity Center
Quezon City, Philippines


Commonwealth Ave. Diliman Commercial Complex Quezon City, Philippines 


We invest in your future

 We’re here to pave the way for you to pursue your dreams and make a difference !

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*High school diploma is required